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Sam's Painting is dedicated to learning more about the painting industry and the world of color. We want to pass along information to save you time and money  for best product and color selections for lasting  and beautiful results on all your projects inside and out.

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Look Around in your neighborhood

In most neighborhoods you want to choose a color scheme that blends with other houses or stands out subtly. If most of the homes are neutral shades of gray, white and tan you should stay away from a daring palette unless it’s a neighborhood where bold colors fits right in. Of course, you can put your own individual spin on similar color combinations to avoid the cookie cutter street.

Remember Our Florida Climate
Think Sun

The Florida sun takes its toll on the color of paint; bright colors will fade out over time even with the highest quality paint brands. Such as reds, blues and yellows, especially on the body of a house. Other colors reflect the sun, like whites and lighter colors. Don't overlook interesting architectural detailing; it can often sparkle with a contrasting or accent color to columns, arches, chimneys and window trim.
Consider Fixed Elements

Brick, slate, stone and concrete are great color resources, because there are numerous shades and hues in building materials.

The size, style and color of your roof should relate harmoniously to the body and trim. A charcoal gray shingle for example could have flecks of gray-green or gray-blue that could be found on a paint color strip or incorporated into the color scheme. Examine color samples outdoors, at various angles and different times of the day. 
Don't choose from a little paint chip!

Get paint samples, your professional painting contractor will be happy to paint samples directly on the outside of your house. Look at your samples in several different lights of the day and on different sides of your house. This takes time, but it's the only way to really know if you are going to get what you like.